Hay House

Unplug. Turn off. Unwind. Kick-off your shoes, listen to wonderful sounds of nature, basking in the morning light. Experience Hay House. Tiny bamboo Hay House is a true glamping experience. This little hut is a perfect escape for an adventurous couple. Set next to rice fields, with wonderful views all around. This is the place […]

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Hideout Horizon

The most adventurous all-bamboo home is ready to welcome those seeking a little jungle adventure in East Karangasem. Horizon is our most adventurous all bamboo-home with open space design, on the ground floor, you can find a neat, fully equipped kitchen with stove and smaller fridge, cozy living/relaxing area (with extra hanging hammock), bathroom with […]

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Hideout Falcon

Hideout Falcon welcomes long-time travellers, lovers of nature, a spiritual-minded people, trekking-lovers, backpackers, artists, musicians, and eco-enthusiast to have a unique Bali experience. It is most suitable for environmentally thinking guests, who treat this little bamboo house with love and care. One of the most prominent features is the large wooden deck with comfortable lounge […]

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Hideout Beehive

Welcome to Hideout Beehive. Beehive is a hexagon shaped bamboo home with yin-yang roof and amazing energy. Hosting four adventurous travellers. What a jungle getaway! This time with a private pool and a swing. Beehive is located at the same garden as Hideout Bali and Hideout Lightroom, nevertheless with complete privacy and direct view to […]

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Hideout Lightroom

Hideout Lightroom is a younger sibling of Hideout Bali. Lightroom is an all-bamboo house, from the construction to the furniture. Crafted by very talented bamboo workers from the local village, we are focused on the ecology and sustainability of the building. This bamboo home is built in a smaller, modern and funky design. Perfect for […]

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Hideout Bali

Hideout is a unique eco stay for adventurous travelers, hidden in mountains of Gunung Agung volcano. All-bamboo house is situated at beautiful riverside among rice fields. Get off the grid and experience authentic life of Balinese village. Booking available only via Airbnb on this link:¬†Book your Hideout Bali. This experience is not like any other, […]

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