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We are looking to expand Hideout to hidden corners around the globe.
We are actively looking for like-minded people with amazing spaces and ideas to join our network.

We are actively searching for hidden spots in other places around the world that give us butterflies. New locations in Indonesia, other ASEAN countries, New Zealand, Byron Bay, Majorca and Berlin are currently on the list. Along our journey, the we have come into contact with friends and enterprises doing incredible things in other parts of the world. One by one, amazing spaces and people have contacted us to be part of Hideout and expand the Hideout philosophy. All successful applications are handpicked.

We also welcome project collaborations with forwarding thinking enterprises and property developers as well as world class architects, designers and decorators interesting to join the movement. Increase exposure, be part of an amazing community, get free stays around the Hideout network as it grows.

We are passionate about simple yet sophisticated architectural and interior design.
Hideouts are all about minimalistic design in contrast to the beauty and organised chaos of nature. Whether inside or out, Hideouts will transport you to a sense of calm, comfort and adventure.

Hideout values


Selecting the best eco-solutions during the planning and development phases. Eco shall include choosing the right materials, proper water/waste treatment and other initiatives that benefit the land and surrounding eco-systems.


Hideouts will guide guests slightly beyond their comfort zones, all while remaining firmly rooted in “barefoot luxury”. New experiences are what creates the best memories. Connecting with nature is what elevates the soul. We keep these principles in mind when designing all aspects of the Hideout experience.


Bali is one of a kind. Culture that is not repeated anywhere else in the world. Approach to life that inspires artists, musicians, yoga enthusiasts and people that seek inner growth. Our action will always aim to help and elevate the local community, supporting our region towards growth and prosperity.


Hideout encourages guests to listen to their inner child and give it the freedom to have fun again! Hideout aims to provide each visitor with an opportunity to think differently about the world, and seek luxury in things they long forgot.


As Hideouts werecreated and grew from a little family project, we will always aim to remain this family feel, when you visit. We treasure and protect people who visit, and treat them as a valued guest – part of the family.


When you visit a Hideout, you are probably looking for a place to escape for a while. Maybe from your worries, maybe from the busy world around you. Whatever it may be, there will nooks, pods and other spaces to escape and welcome you in.

Using our trademark Hideout® name for your project, means instant brand recognition. Benefit from cross-referrals across Hideout’s network. Hideout is one of the most sought out accommodation experiences on the planet and has been featured in countless architectural magazines and online publications.

A like-minded property developer or enterprise?

We are open to discussing larger (but bespoke) Hideout project ideas and anything else you might have in mind. Drop us a line at

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