hideout Beehive Bali

hideout Beehive is one of the most popular bamboo getaways in Bali, with spectacular river views and a jacuzzi pool – perfect for a quick stay-cation with family and friends

Fully equipped kitchen

King size bed

Heated jacuzzi

River views

Discover the hideout Beehive Experience

hideout Beehive is not a hotel, we are a fun, adventurous experience, rustic and authentic right in the middle of Balinese village life.

It is the perfect place for long-time travellers, lovers of nature, spiritual-minded people, trekking-lovers, backpackers, artists, musicians, and eco-enthusiast to have their own unique Bali experience.

The space

Beehive is a set at a small private garden with direct view to the running river and small private pool. You can lock the gate and be in absolute privacy. There is also a tiny gate with steps letting you to come down to the river.
Hideout Beehive is a two-storied house. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen, living area, and bathroom with an outside shower. And a lovely pool fed by the river water. This pool is heated to 31 degrees and it can be heated more upon request, free of charge.

The main bedroom is on the first floor. Set under the yin-yang symbol connecting with a hexagram star on the floor, giving the room an amazing energy vibe. The round bed has a futon mattress.

The extra enclosed house is perfect for your +2 guests, rather adventurous, with a mosquito net as well. What an experience to fall asleep to the sound of a running river.

Good to know

What is the Best Part About Staying in Beehive?

Solitude. All hideouts have their own private garden, and we do the best we can to provide you with full privacy and solitude. Beehive Bali has a fully equipped kitchen. You can be your own master chef. There is also a plate full of fruits and your own smoothie maker.
During your stay, we provide you with one scooter for free, including two helmets. So you don’t need to think twice how you will travel around here and reach small shops, restaurants or sights.

You can experience authentic Balinese lifestyle, cultural habits and observe many wonderful things in nature. Especially in the river, that is sometimes used for cleansing ceremonies. It’s a wonderful thing to experience.

You can’t lock the house, but you can lock the outside gate to your garden.

Other things to note

From the vantage point of your house, your gaze will be directed unerringly towards one of the most spiritually significant locations in the vicinity – the revered Campuhan. This is a term from the local Balinese dialect that refers to the convergence of two rivers. Locals have esteemed this place as a sacred sanctuary for countless generations. It serves as a wellspring of holy water, indispensable for various rituals and for purifying the body and soul.

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