Hideout Beehive

The newest addition to Hideout Family is here, welcome to Hideout Beehive. Beehive is a hexagon shaped bamboo home with yin-yang roof and amazing energy. Hosting up to 4-5 adventurous travelers. This time with a private pool and a swing. Beehive is located at the same garden as Hideout Bali and Hideout Lightroom, nevertheless with […]

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Hideout Lightroom

Hideout Lightroom is a younger sibling of Hideout Bali. Lightroom is an all-bamboo house, from the construction to the furniture. Crafted by very talented bamboo workers from the local village, we are focused on ecology and sustainability of the building. This bamboo home is built in a smaller, modern and funky design. Perfect for a […]

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Hideout Bali

Hideout is a unique eco stay for adventurous travelers, hidden in mountains of Gunung Agung volcano. All-bamboo house is situated at beautiful riverside among rice fields. Get off the grid and experience authentic life of Balinese village. Booking available only via Airbnb on this link:¬†Book your Hideout Bali. First time booking via Airbnb? Let me […]

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