Hay House

Unplug. Turn off. Unwind. Kick-off your shoes, listen to wonderful sounds of nature, basking in the morning light. 

Experience Hay House.

Tiny bamboo Hay House is a true glamping experience. This little hut is a perfect escape for an adventurous couple. Set next to rice fields, with wonderful views all around. This is the place to get back to your roots, get back to simple pleasures that life has to offer. To finish that book, you never have time for. To speak words that didn’t have time to be heard. To finish that work, you have been dragging behind. To find the space, in your mind, in your body, in your life.

Hay House is a tiny space with one large bed, with mosquito net, and outdoor bathroom. Yes, there is electricity, hot water and even wifi! But we do encourage to dim the lights and turn off your phones, you are not here to scroll down the un-ending feed, you are here to immerse in nature.

Count the butterflies, and sing with birds. Examine the frog, attached on your window. Be prepared to be in the middle of nature – with nature! Expect lizards, some ants, friendly gecko or a bat. And prepare to be awed by the immense number of fireflies. Come prepared – leave your large luggage behind, travel with only a small backpack.

Rice fields are your garden! Beware that there is limited privacy, and showering in a swimsuit is a must.

This place is AWESOME! Falling asleep to the sounds of the rain and jungle gave me and my girlfriend one of the deepest, most relaxing sleeps of our lives. The place is so photogenic and relaxing and the staff were beyond incredible. Everyone was so caring, helpful, and friendly. The food from the chef was not only affordable, but absolutely delicious traditional Indonesian food. They provide a driver for excursions and experiences, and ours, Katuk, was one of our favourite people we met in Bali. We continued to use Katuk even after our time in Hideout had ended. Couldn’t recommend this place more!