Hideout Family

Hideout family is Wayan, Made, Sutra, Nyoman, Ketut, Adik, Ayu, Wayan, Kadek, Candra, Arik and their families.

First bamboo hideaway was built in 2014, it was Hideout. Modest a-frame bamboo hut with iconic triangle windows. The aim always was, and always will be – to provide an adventurous and family place to stay in rural parts of Bali, Karangasem. To experience the old Bali, our traditions, our values. To hike and seek and wonder. To reconnect with nature (and little bit of the wildlife as well).
And we are very honoured to be the 4th most wished Airbnb accommodation in 2019 and 2020.

In following years, Hideouts grew with 5 more houses – wild Beehive, sunny Lightroom, modern Falcon, adventurous Horizon and jungle Hay House. We also created Hideout Bistro concept – to bring our favourite Balinese dishes right to your door.

We also love animals, Hideouts are shelter to cats and two dogs – Hoki and Tracy.  

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