Hideout Lightroom

Hideout Lightroom is a younger sibling of Hideout Bali. Lightroom is an all-bamboo house, from the construction to the furniture. Crafted by very talented bamboo workers from the local village, we are focused on the ecology and sustainability of the building. This bamboo home is built in a smaller, modern and funky design. Perfect for a couple getaway.

This tiny bamboo home is set in your private garden. The garden gate can be locked from the inside.
Lightroom has one multifunctional room. There is a comfy Queen Size bed with a mosquito net. Lovely sitting and relaxing area and a small kitchen counter with drinking water (ask for a refill anytime!), kettle for hot water, cutlery, cups, and glasses. We have a great stereo system available for your favourite music, jack connection.

Lightroom bathroom is partially outdoors, be prepared for the indescribably beautiful experience of hot shower underneath the palm trees.
You can enjoy a slow relaxing morning in an outside bathtub with hot water and flowers, which are ready in a basket for your arrival. The outside seating area is perfect for a yoga session, meditation or your exercise.
And in your private little garden, you can find a large hanging hammock and a small bonfire place.