Hideout Beehive

Beehive is a hexagon shaped bamboo home with yin-yang roof and amazing energy. Hosting up to four adventurous travellers.
What a jungle getaway! 

Beehive is located at the same garden as Hideout Bali and Hideout Lightroom, nevertheless with complete privacy and direct view to the running river.

Beehive is a set at a small private garden with direct view to the running river and small private pool.
You can lock the gate and be in absolute privacy. There is also a tiny gate with steps letting you to come down to the river.
Hideout Beehive is a two-storied house. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen, living area, and bathroom with an outside shower. And a lovely pool fed by the river water. This pool can be heated! But it does take about 6-8 hours, so if you plan to spend only one night, do let us know before your arrival.

The main bedroom is on the first floor. Set under the yin-yang symbol connecting with a hexagram star on the floor, giving the room an amazing energy vibe. The round bed will surprise you, it is the biggest and the comfiest bed you have ever experienced! (Honestly, it can fit 3 people comfortably.) We use only SUKU Home sheets that work with bamboo rayon and hand-made dyed with traditional batik technique.

The extra enclosed house is perfect for your +2 guests, rather adventurous, with a mosquito net as well.
What an experience to fall asleep to the sound of a running river.