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Wondering what it’s like to spend some days in the jungle?
Allow us to share a bit more information and our frequently asked questions, that will share a bit more about us, about our location, food at Hideout Bistro and transport options.

Who we are and how we work?

Hideout family is a small team created by our friends and families in local villages.
We take care of Hideouts. We never thought we will be a hotel, so please don’t expect a 24/7 reception and services, but we do our best to provide the most relaxing and joyful experience. We are here for you every day, between 7 – 10 pm. if you want a daily clean-up, just let us know when you check-in or in the morning. We would never enter your Hideout without an invitation – but we are always happy to help in any way we can.

Beware that the nearest ATM is from a local bank, it only accepts Mastercard. International ATM is about 35 minutes by car away – do come prepared!

First time in the jungle?

Hideout is part of local nature, our cleaning standards are at the highest, but that doesn’t stop occasional insect, furry caterpillar (that should have a sign – do not touch), frog, snake or mouse from visiting the house.
Please consider this before booking and do not book this house if you are not prepared for an occasional encounter. We are immersed in nature.  Animals are friends, not enemies.

We urge you to always turn your lights on in the night when moving around the house or visiting the bathroom.

Did you know that a spider can make a new web in under 1 hour?
With our biggest efforts to keep the houses perfect and insect free, you have to expect that there will be some spiders, some bugs and some mosquitos. That is just nature and we can’t do anything more for it. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, it is better to book a different type of accommodation than a bamboo house.

The Internet is very poor and sometimes not working at all.
We recommend being prepared for the off-the-grid experience.

Hideout Bistro

If you don’t feel like cooking or going out, don’t worry, we have a delicious Hideout Bistro – a kitchen concept! We provide breakfast (included in the price) lunch and dinner, and all can be brought to your house. We do not yet have restaurant seating, but you can enjoy the meals in the privacy of your Hideout.

Hideout Bistro is not an open restaurant – we do not serve to walk-in guests. Any ordered meal is served in the privacy of your Hideout. Menu is available at the house and can be sent over upon request before arrival.
The Bistro is open from 8am-8pm. Beside meals, we also serve cold Bintang and wines from Sababay winery.


Please take a careful look at the map, we are over 90 minutes away from the Ubud and 2 hours from the city of Denpasar and the international airport. 

The closest city is Amlapura, 30min away. There is no night-life here.
No bars, clubs, coffee houses or shops with imported products. We are this far from the city by choice. In the middle of rice fields with a calm setting next to the running river.

Hideout is within walking distance from a resort where you can have a lovely dinner in the restaurant with an unforgettable view of Gunung Agung. You can easily reach many traditional small shops/warung. There are so many things to explore around – by foot or by bike. Just to mention … you can go trekking through the rice fields, explore local waterfall Jagasatru, visit Tirta Gangga, Ujung Temple, go snorkelling or diving, visit the night market, visit shaman or local temples, go to experience Pura Besakih, have a wild day of rafting and many more.

How can we help with your transport and arrival/departure?

Check-in is 3pm – 7pm, please avoid check-in later than 8pm since it is very problematic, and in some cases not possible! Check-out by 11am.

If you would welcome transport services, we are happy to share contacts for our recommended driver once you have a confirmed reservation. Our recommended drivers can pick you up anywhere from the island, arrange day trips and guide you at some locations as well. If you know that you will have a late flight – and thus a late night arrival, we strongly recommend to use our verified drivers that offer fair price and safe arrival and check-in at Hideouts.

Hideout distances

From the nearby restaurant Great Mountain View 5 min
From shops and warungs 10 min
From the airport 120 min
From Ubud 90 min
From Padang Bai (transfer to Gillis) 35 min

Jagasatru waterfall 15min
Pura Besakih 30min
Tirta Gangga 30min
Ujung Temple 45min
Beach – Virgin Beach in Candidasa 40min
Beach – The Secret Beach/Blue Lagoon in Padang Bai 40min
Tukad Cepung waterfall 60min
Pura Lempuyang temple 60min

Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a scooter / renting a car
With your Hideout, you also have an option to rent a scooter for free during your stay. We provide scooters with helmets to experienced drivers with international driving license. If you don’t feel safe using the scooter, please note that you can rent a car with a driver (English speaking guide) to help you get around the island and visit many places worth seeing! Renting a car without the driver is not available in our area.
Using taxi / transport services
We have connection to great drivers within our Banjar (village). They are experienced, English speaking and of course–well informed about the best tourist places around. We are happy to offer few of our (half)day trip ideas that you can choose from and enjoy an amazingly planned day from sunrise till sunset. We are prepared to help with your pick-up or drop-off from any location in Bali. All transport services are for additional charge, the final price is depending on the location.
Hideout Bistro special offers
The selection of meals at our Bistro is a fusion of international and Balinese cuisine. Let us know If you prefer your dish spicy or mild, we are happy to adapt to your preference. We also serve vegetarian and vegan options. Most of our offers are gluten free. We use local organic products and produce, from tasty eggs to rice and bean sprouts! Make sure to try our traditional Balinese chicken betutu–Ayam betutu.
Closest hospital / doctor on call?
We are prepared that accidents happen. And we are here to help. The closest hospital for acute injuries (such as broken bones or immediate care) is only 10 minutes away in Selat. It is a basic hospital but with English speaker doctor and 24/7 emergency room. Here you can also visit the doctor if needed. For any other illness, we recommend BaliMed in Amlapura (30 minutes away) that it international large hospital with all necessary equipment.
We are in a very safe location. In a place where everyone is always looking out for the other, all the time. There has never been a security accident. Our team is here daily from 7am – 11pm, and living nearby the location during the night. Hideouts have either solution to be locked from inside the room, or inside the garden
Dangerous animals
We are in the middle of jungle. And we are also blessed to be in a location where fauna and flora is blooming – riverside. Please be prepared that there is many wildlife and most of them are harmless. There are poisonous snakes in Bali, thus we urge you to turn on your lights when moving around in the night. Snakes would never attack you, you just need to make sure not to step on them. Please, don’t touch furry caterpillars, they can bruise your skin and bring a rash
Earthquake / volcano aktivity
There are many small earthquakes happening during the year, most of them you would not know about. If there is a bigger earthquake, it’s recommended to leave the house and go to location without trees above your head. Bamboo buildings are one of the safest you can be at, during an earthquake. Volcanic activity is not a sudden event, there is a lot of time and information shared before eruption, thus no worries necessary.

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